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Privacy Concern For Sellers Using Stripe

While using the demo version of some of the marketplace templates I noticed that when a seller is to fill out the registration form there is a message that zeroqode will be able to see your account data …

I think this could be a big concern and a seller might decide to not join the platform for concern of privacy.

Why does the marketplace platform needs to see the data a seller has from other platforms?

Is there a way to change these settings in strip and also not show this information at the stripe signup form?


Hi, @emoazzam!

Thanks for reaching out!

This is the default Stripe onboarding page that displays your app data and warns users that your platform would like to connect to the user’s Stripe account for various purposes, such as charging/withdrawal of funds, payments, refunds, etc. The application will get the read-only mode to be able to see user’s payments and payout history (not private info). The users need to be aware that the application will only be able to see the user’s data. Such kind of notification is used by many marketplaces even banks.
Concerning this message, you may contact the Stripe support, as far as it does not depend on us.

However, you may customize that page in your stripe dashboard, going to Settings->Connect

To change the Logo and Name for Stripe Checkout on the checkout page go to tab Plugin-> settings

Hope this helps!
Best, Julia.