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Problem with agora cloud recorder

Hello Zerocode !

I’m facing an issue with Agora cloud recording,
i’ve succesfully set up the AWS server as so :

i don’t get any error over when i launch the cloud recording, but nothing seem to happen.
My metric still at 0 :

Is there any way to have more informations to configure the AWS server ?
or any way to log anything ?

Thanks a lot !

I’ve also noticed a “failed to find worker” when i stop the recording
that also mean that it is not correctly setup according to This link

But my vendor is 1(aws) and 6 for the EU WEST 3 (as it is in S3)
What could be wrong then ?

Hello, @carleantoine10
Thanks for reaching out and for using our plugin.

As for the Storage region and vendor, please:

Also, allow me to mention that the Temp. Token for the cloud recording should be generated every day since its validity period is just 1 day.

Also, from your screenshot, I can find that the channel name - is dynamic data, however, you should create a channel name in your Agora Dashboard.

Go to the Project Management tab in your Agora account and pass to Generate Temp Token opposite your application name:

The channel name, that should be set in Plugin action, is the same as in your Agora dashboard:

Paste in the same field in the API Call “Start cloud recording”:

These steps are really important, so please carefully follow them ( and the documentation for configuring the Cloud Storage):

Please proceed with the steps, mentioned above and let me know about the result.
Best regards,

@Ecaterina Hello !

Well it seem to work now, but that mean that there is no way to do a multi channel recording ?

as we can create a custom channel on the 4.5 update, we should be able to generate a new channel with a temps token, but you mean that it only work with manually generated token that we have to re create every day ?

Hello, @carleantoine10

I’m afraid that our plugin does not provide an option for multi-channel recording.

Generally, our plugin does not allow users to create a multi-stream or multi-conference. It only works in one flow.
As for the Temporary Token, its validity period is one day, so for using this functionality you need to re-create it in the same mode for every day of using it.

This procedure is related to the Agora platform requests, so we can’t influence it, unfortunately :pray:

In case I can help you with any additional plugin-related information, please let me know.
Best regards,

@Ecaterina i’ve succefully enabled the multi streaming by creating a rtc token server.
Thanks for your help

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Hey, I just saw this thread while encountering a similar problem. I’ve got cloud recordings to work by generating a token manually as you’ve described, through the agora dashboard. My question is how are these tokens from the Agora dashboard different from the “generate agora token” action that comes with the plugin? Why cant the tokens generated from the plugin action be used for cloud recordings?

Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hello, @milindsonpal
Thanks for reaching out :pray:

A token is a dynamic key generated on your app server that is valid for a maximum of 24 hours. When your users connect to an Agora channel from your app client, Agora Platform validates the token and reads the user and project information stored in the token.

In our plugin, we use exactly this token, which was generated in the Agora Dashboard.
So, the “Token” is a bridge between the plugin and the Agora Platform.
So, this is the same token, but it should be generated in the Agora Dashboard firstly.

Hope it will help you.
Best regards,