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Problem with Android & iOS Native Share

I bought the plugin last week to use in my Bubble app.

The issue is that I have a function that shares the data of a product on WhatsApp. This feature shares the product description and product image.

For Android it is working correctly, but for IOS the photo is not coming together with the text.

Here is a screenshot of Android.

Here is a screenshot of IOS.

Can someone from support or the community help me?

Thanks in advance for your time.
Stay with God.

Hi @contato2, thanks for reaching out.

For a better understanding of your case, please share (here or in DM), the setup of the share action, as well as the type of used iOS device & browser.

This will allow us to identify any issue much faster.

Looking forward to your reply.


Thanks for the answer Serg!

Lets make it public for anyone who have this problem, here is the screenshot.

Hi @contato2, thanks for the reply and screenshot shared.

Please also share

so it would be easier for us to test from our side too.

Looking forward to your reply.


Tested in Iphone 7 with Brave browser and Iphone 8 with Safari.

Hi @contato2, thanks for the provided information.

Let us check this internally. Once any feedback will appear, I will let you know asap.


Thanks for the response Serg, i really need this working ASAP.

Stay with God

Hi @contato2, thanks for your patience.

The developer team identified that this issue is caused by the WhatsApp platform compatibility with iOS.
The file sent through the “Share” action should come with no “title” and “text”. Otherwise, it would not be sent.
The possible solution might be to split that sent message in two, one for the image itself, and the second one for text and other details.

Hope this helps in a way. Please let me know if there are any other plugin-related questions that I can help with.