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Problem with Anything to Image

Hi there. Hoping you can help me troubleshoot a bug with one of your plugins that I just purchased: Anything to Image. I am using this plugin to create video thumbnails during a content creation workflow and then attach those thumbnails to a post. The workflow seems to be running as expected until the final step, where I get an error message saying the image “cannot be loaded.” Can you please explain to me how to remedy this? This is the sole reason I purchased the plugin.

Thank you! :pray:

I should add one other point: As a workaround, I tried creating a separate workflow step to add the “New Image” to my database thing (in this case a gallery attached to my post). Neither that nor the native “attach” setting are producing a result.

Some additional context: I’m using the plugin to target a hidden group within a Reusable Element.

So I seem to have isolated my problem and also discovered another one. First, the problem goes away on a standard page, so it would seem the issue is that this plugin does not work inside a reusable element. Please correct me if I’m wrong, as this isn’t acceptable for a plugin advertised to work within “any Bubble element.” Second, when used with the Video.js plugin, your plugin just gives me a black box, not a thumbnail as expected. (See below.) Again, please let me know if there is a workaround. If you don’t have a solution for either of these problems, I would like to request a full refund. Again, this plugin is advertised to work in “any Bubble element.” If it doesn’t, I would like to respectfully request my money back for the time being. Thank you very much!

Hello, @ts1. Thanks for reaching out.

First of all, please receive our apologies, concerning the unpleasant experience you have faced. There is a sad misunderstanding that has caused, so let me please help you to reveal the whole situation.

We kindly ask you to pay your attention to the fact that there is no advertisement, within the Anything to Image plugin page, aimed to assure users that this plugin will/have to work inside the Reusable Element.
Also, converting a video into an image was failed due to the fact that this type of element is not compatible with the plugin, unfortunately.

Regarding the failed compatibility between the Anything to Image plugin with the external (not Bubble’s) Video.js plugin - we can not guarantee that any external plugin will work without any issue in combination with our plugin. This case requires careful testing and adjusting, plugin by plugin which will mix things up with different plugins that have a different origin, like libraries or codes which aren’t compatible. I hope you understand this point.

Second of all, according to the Bubble’s terms, plugin sales go through Bubble and, according to their policy, there are no refunds on purchase of these items. But you can contact Bubble support and describe the circumstances, depending on the Bubble’s sole discretion, you could get a refund.

Again, please receive our apologies, that your expectations did not meet the real service, which our plugin can provide in fact.