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Problem with Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete plugin

Hi all! Is this plugin supposed to work just once?

I am building a “create new item” menu and am trying to make a closed loop of functions:

  1. User types a few letters into an input.

  2. Repeating group shows options, based on a search of database (via fuzzy search).

  3. User picks desirable option and clicks on it.

  4. A custom state is triggered, which stores an option a user clicked (later to be used in creating or updating a thing in a database).

  5. Since I would like an input to reset (and through conditions show the option a User chose), I use a “reset input a Search & Autocorrect” function and use aforementioned conditionals.

Up until this point, everything works fine, actually loving the speed in which the fuzzy search works. But then, if a User wants to do the search again, the fuzzy search does not work. I try typing into the input and no search results are shown.

Tried not using step no 5. (I think I maybe could work around that), but still, no effect, so wondering if the fuzzy search is supposed to only work once.

Does anybody know, how to make this sort of closed loop, so the User can search and choose however many times he/she wants?

Hello, @giedraitis.mantas.21.
Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the late reply :pray:

Nope, the plugin is working well on the demo page, you are able to do as many searches without resetting the input, as you want.

Can you please provide more details like your setup, debugger/browser console screenshots (maybe you are getting some errors there), and the video record of reproducing your case? It seems like your custom state can cause this issue, but it is better to double-check.


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Hi. Sorry for not responding quicker. The question posted above is solved. So thank you!

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