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Problem with template "InstaMart: Groceries Like Instacart Template"

Hi there

We bought your template of “InstaMart: Groceries Like Instacart Template” which seems to boost our project. I really love it!

However, there seems to be some issues of your template.

  1. Store page +button issue

By default, add to cart button should be green “+”. However, after
finishing “place order”, the green “+” button remains the previous
ordered number. It makes our customers confused.

  1. Admin Panel Dashboard issue

I think that only us (i.e. only the platformer) can see this page. Is
this right? Also, this page enables us to edit store information.
However, we can only edit the first registered store. We can’t select
a store which we want to edit. We need a dropdown menu to select a
store which we want to edit.

  1. Business (Store) account issue

When we sign up as a store, we can see the dashboard page. But I think
it is not good, because a store owner can see the orders of customers
which should be seen by only us. In addition, after editing the store
information and going to the dashboard again from the footer link, the
store owner can’t edit his information.

  1. My Account page

Now at my account page, I can see My Orders. But I can check only
order date and total price. I would say almost all customers want to
see the details of their previous orders; what they ordered
previously. Although this is not an issue, if possible, I would like
you to add functions like admin dashboard orders “Order Detail”

We will start our business from next week. So, could you fix the above problems?

Thank you for your consideration.

Hi @pontdes,

Thanks for using our products. It seems that your request is related to customization of this template. I can understand it, however once purchasing the template, you are absolutely free to make any custom adjustments you’d like to make your app function as desired. This is why we specifically have demo apps of our templates so users can test them before purchasing to see how it works. Unfortunately, we cannot make custom changes per user request. I hope you understand.

We do offer customization services based on our templates and from scratch as well, but only if customer hires us to work on the project. We’re usually working on projects in the range of 5-10k USD to make sure we can deliver something both us and our customers can be proud of :slight_smile:

Read more about how this works: https://dev.zeroqode.com

If you are interested in custom development project you could reach out to our project management team sending your project details by email to proje[email protected] and one of my colleagues will get back to you to discuss your project by phone or any other convenient means of communication. And we would be happy to help you.

However we’ll take it into account the mentioned suggestions for future improvements of the template. The feedback is important to us.

Thank you in advance for understanding.

Hi, @alexander

Thank you very much for replying.

You stated in the URL below : “This template is sold “as is” but if any critical bugs are discovered we will try to fix them ASAP.”

The first three issues must be critical bugs, although I think the fourth is just our request.

Regarding the 1st bug, have you ever seen such situation at other ecommerce sites?
After the previous orded number can be very confusing.

Regarding the 2nd, of cource we (administraters) can edit store information. But I think you tried to enable us to edit them from this page.
This can be critical bug for a administrater, can’t it?

Regarding the 3rd, this must be critical for stores. They can’t update their all information like products, prices, stocks, and others.

I hope you will deal with the above 3 bugs.


Hi @pontdes, thanks a lot for provided feedback. We are going to consider it to work on improvements of this template. Thank you :pray:

Hi @pontdes, I’m just reaching out to notify that we have updated our InstaMart template with new improvements. To work with updated version you’ll have to create a new app with this template and see the updates. In case you experience similar or different kinds of issues, please inform us by sharing screenshots of your app and problem. Thanks!

is this application good?
worth ;
has anyone tried it?