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Problem with Time Picker with Eventy

Hi, I purchased the Eventy template but I am having problem with the time picker when creating a new event. I can pick the start time easily but I am having a problem with the end time. The sliders cannot be moved. Here’s a video.

Hi, @emman!

Thanks for reaching out!

As far as I noticed from the video you are choosing the start day and time - 17th September, 12.00PM. And then, you are trying to choose the end day and time -17th September as well. In this case, obviously, you are not able to pick the time, because it would the next day- 18th September.

You can easily check this choosing start day and time, fro instance - 09/17/20, 11:59 PM and end day and time- 09/18/20, 05:30

Hopу this helps!
Best, Julia.