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Problem with uf8 at plugin Gmail Small Business

Hi, i have some problem with utf-8 at Gmail.

In subject:
The right is: Frete Rápido - Inteligência Logística

but, show this:
Frete Rápido - Inteligência Logística

Happen the same problem in the body (text), include points, like: “:”, “//”…


Hello @arieldj

Sorry for late response here, we’ll check this out and be back to you with an update on the matter asap.
Thanks for understanding.

Ok. I wait. Thanks
Att, Ariel

Hello @arieldj

We checked the issue you’ve encountered, at the moment the single way to do it is:

  1. Text must be in Base64 encoded
  2. Encoded text must be between this characters
    =?utf-8?B?ENCODED TEXT?=

Note: This works only for subject

So the subject:
Frete Rápido - Inteligência Logística
Would be:

This seems like the only method, from plugin side there is nothing we can do.
Thanks for understanding.


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So for us to use the plugin we need to push our entire html content through the plugin Base64 encoded?

I cannot get any html templates to work. It is adding things like /n and really messing things up.

Hey @court,
Hope everything is well on your side,

So the Base64 encoding works only for Subject of the letter, it won’t work for the Body of the message.

Thank you,

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So how do we fix the body?