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Problem with uf8 at plugin Gmail Small Business


Hi, i have some problem with utf-8 at Gmail.

In subject:
The right is: Frete Rápido - Inteligência Logística

but, show this:
Frete Rápido - Inteligência Logística

Happen the same problem in the body (text), include points, like: “:”, “//”…



Hello @arieldj

Sorry for late response here, we’ll check this out and be back to you with an update on the matter asap.
Thanks for understanding.


Ok. I wait. Thanks
Att, Ariel


Hello @arieldj

We checked the issue you’ve encountered, at the moment the single way to do it is:

  1. Text must be in Base64 encoded
  2. Encoded text must be between this characters
    =?utf-8?B?ENCODED TEXT?=

Note: This works only for subject

So the subject:
Frete Rápido - Inteligência Logística
Would be:

This seems like the only method, from plugin side there is nothing we can do.
Thanks for understanding.



So for us to use the plugin we need to push our entire html content through the plugin Base64 encoded?

I cannot get any html templates to work. It is adding things like /n and really messing things up.


Hey @court,
Hope everything is well on your side,

So the Base64 encoding works only for Subject of the letter, it won’t work for the Body of the message.

Thank you,


So how do we fix the body?