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Problem with Upload file to Wasabi from another cloud

Hello, dear Zeroqode support! Can you help me with my problem at process of uploading file to Wasabi cloud from another cloud? I have a video from stream (it is stored an S3 Amazone, scr 6, if i understand right). But this video is downloaded when you click on this link (screenshoot 6) and does not appear in the wasabi repository. I don’t understand what the problem might be, because all the settings are made according to your demo Appkit | Bubble Editor. At the same time, a log file with access denial appears on the wasabi server (see screenshot). What could be the problem, please tell me?
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Hey, @jamesnumart
Thanks for your question.

After analyzing your settings, I suppose that some of them should be changed.
The Private field should be used false or true, as on your screencast.

Also, the Upload File To Wasabi From Another Cloud action should be the first, but not third, as in your case:

As a next step, you should use creating a new entry:

Please try it and let me know about the result.
Best regards,

Thank you for the answer, Eсaterina! I don’t know what exactly (updated the plugin, changed the keys from Wasabi, checked the settings in Bubble), but the problem is solved, we can close the topic. Thank you!

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Hello, @jamesnumart
I’m happy to hear that :slightly_smiling_face:

If you like our plugin, could you please rate it by going to the Plugins tab in Bubble editor? You can find the plugin by name and give it as many stars as it deserves :smiley:

In case I can help you with anything else - let me know.
Best regards,

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Ok, I’ll do it with pleasure!)

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