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Product hunt template - not upvoting in order

Hi Everyone,
I’m having a bit of a nightmare with the product hunt template. Every time I make it live there seams to be a new issue : /

Anyhow todays issue is that the products are listing products by popularity by topic rather than by day.

So for example

product 1 - tech 3 upvotes
product 2 - tech 2 upvotes
product 3 - book 65 upvotes.

Obviously I want product three to be at the top of the daily view. I’ve gone through the workflow and compared it to the original template and I cant spot any differences at all. Anyone else come across this? Please help!

Hello, @dan1. Thanks for reaching out.

On the template’s index page there is a Group Products by Day, which contains the list of products, posted during all time. The sorting properties of this group are unchangeable - all new products will be listed under the day they were created. (e.g., today’s products group will be first in this list, yesterday’s - the second, and so on).

The Group Products by Day group has a Group popularNewest Today section - its function is to manage the sorting of the products (popularity/creation time), which were created during the current day.

It might be that you have mixed up the sorting function within the RepeatingGroup Products group. Within this group products can be displayed in the same way you have told, if the active sorting is the Newest (the votes qty is ignored).

The current template setup is working under these conditions and is concerned as standard functionality.

Please let me know what do you think about this. Perhaps, your issue is more complicated, thus would you kindly share with me the details?

Would this be organised via the workflow or would it be a condition? Just so I know where to look.


The sorting “by date” within the Group Products by Day is set via the Design page, in the RepeatingGroup product text element - https://prnt.sc/sov6px

The sorting within the RepeatingGroup Products by Day is set via the Design page too, Group popularNewestToday element - https://prnt.sc/sov8mc

Please check all the workflows, set for Popular and Newest filters this way:

Hope this helps :pray: