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Progress bar pro circle percent

Hello everyone, I started using progress bar pro plugin after buy it, so I want to show a percent from the database when page load. so I didn’t find a tutorial to help me to display this progress bar. thanks


Hello @a.marzouki.

Here’s the plugin demo page: https://plugindemos-zeroqode.bubbleapps.io/progress ; check the demo setup and try recreating for your case.

Zeroqode Team.

just to add here, you need to use the editor view of that page to recreate everything - https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=progress&id=plugindemos-zeroqode&tab=tabs-1

Hi everyone, after i discover the demo page i didn’t find how to get the value from the data base . i use the basic plugin " progress bar " and with it i can display the value . so as i see in "progress bar pro " plugin the way of display circle progress bar . i decided to buy this plugin but i didn’t find the way to display the value from data base not the fake percent. also i want the progress bar displayed when the page loaded.
Really ,i need help on it. Thanks

Hi Ahmed,
in this field
you need to simply use a dynamic expression that retrieves the data from your database
something like this “do a search for” then choose the type etc.
This is a basic Bubble operation, please do the basic bubble tutorials (can be found on your Bubble dashboard) to understand how to get data from database

Hi @levon, I work within bubble around 4 months and I use many others plugin like "basic progress bar " to display the percentage from the database.

like this one I do this “do search for” to display the overall without any problem. but with “progress bar pro” I didn’t retrieve any value or display any progress bar.

I hope that you have any solution on it or to create a demo page that contains a progress bar (circle) that retrieve a value from the database and it displays when the page is loaded.
Thank a lot.

Hi there,
we have pushed an update with a fix, please upgrade the plugin, refresh the page and try again

Thank you now it’s working .

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