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Progress Bars Pro Not Displaying

The FlatProgressBar from the “Progress Bars Pro” plugin is not displaying on the page.

The inspector is showing the following error:

Here is a screenshot of the configuration in the editor:

Hi, @kian!

Thanks for reaching out!

Yes, indeed, whenever you choose Type- Semi-circle it isn’t displayed on the page while the Line and Circle type work fine. I have already transmitted this issue to the dev team to fix it. Thanks for pointed this out and apologies for the inconvenience. :pray:

As soon as I have an update, I’ll get in touch with you.

Best, Julia.

Great, thank you! I will stay tuned.

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Hi @julia.minacova

I was just wondering if there were any updates? This semi-circle progress bar is the last piece I’m waiting for before I can deploy a new project. Any sort of timeline as to when the bug will be fixed would be much appreciated.

Thank you so so much!


Hi, @kian!

You just got ahead of me :wink:
Yes, we have fixed the bug and already deployed to Live. Please install the plugin’s latest version, refresh the browser and give it another try.

Best, Julia.