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Progress Bars Pro - reset action

Hi, you asked me to address this here.

The plugin does have a reset function but not as a workflow action. I use the same loading bar for multiple processes. If I use the built in reset it disappears and jumps from end to start when triggered again. I like to have the loading bar completed fully before it’s parent group fades out.
I’m using states that sometimes dont work properly to achieve this, a workflow action would make my life easier.

Thank you.

hi there,
thanks for posting this,
here are the reset workflow actions that you can use:

please see this demo page for an example of usage:

Im not using the flat progress bar

on the screenshot I shared you can see reset actions for “picture progress bar” and “flat progress bar” which one are you using?

I am using your plugin just for the fake progress with bubble’s progress bar plugin. Sorry I should have clarified that, i have not looked at the app in a while and was trying to remember.

An action to reset Fake progress bar info is what i need.