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Property listing and experience booking site

Hey guys,

Awesome job on the booking and appointment template :slight_smile: It looks much higher quality than some other stuff I saw for bumble.

I’m considering rebuilding my site from wordpress into bumble. Updating plugins, performance and IT maintenance is a large cost for me.

I will simplify the product and need just two things:
Combine something you have in your airbnb template, where you list properties. I’d list sport specific venues with their amenietes etc.

But I’d also like to list experiences, which would be the services offered by those venues. Such as Weekend in X venue with Y professional as a coach.

Later on I’d like to add tournaments and forum.

Also the experiences should show up within the sport venue listing together with all the other data I have there.

How complex would such a project be in bumble? I could work on it full time, and is there a way to combine your two templates somehow to speed up the dev process?

How long do you think this could take me to make it?

Hi Marcin,
thanks reaching out.
What you describe is definitely to accomplish with Bubble and our templates.
As for combining 2 templates, please check out this thread Is it possible to combine a few templates
How much time it will take you would depend on how fast you’ll be learning Bubble, but my guess is that you could get an MVP of your product within 2-4 weeks and a polished version within 3-7 weeks.
I suggest you to go through various Bubble learning resources which can be found here Academy | Bubble and here Zeroqode Lab | No-Code Courses to Build Startups & Products
this will put you on fast track for becoming a Bubble expert.
Also, strongly recommend to use Bubble Forum as well as this forum for any kind of questions and answers.
Hope this helps.

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits

let’s stay in touch on twitter!


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