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Is it possible to combine a few templates

Hello Levon. If I wanted to combine some of the functionality that exists in 2 or 3 of your templates. From a database perspective I can see some work needed in order to consolidate them adequately. How do you suggest we tackle that? … And second question … I guess I can infer that the main template needed for any new project would be the backend one right?

Thanks for the question,
as for combining a few templates - although it’s possible i won’t say it’s easy

copying visual elements is simple

but copy pasting workflows would require manual manipulation

because they are tied to database structure

and even if you recreate the same database structure Bubble won’t automatically match the new db fields and would show an error so you would need to manually reconcile each occurence where it doesn’t see the db field

it’s doable and still easier than creating from scratch but i wouldn’t want to mislead you saying that it’s super easy

As for choosing the main template - I suggest for that you pick the template which represents most of the functionality of your final product (both visually and feature-wise), then moving backend APi workflows would be easier than other way around.

Hope this answers your questions
Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits

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Hi all,

I had the same question, until I just found this thread. I wondering if any context has changed regarding the complexity of combining templates since this thread was last answered. I am trying to combine the social functionality from the Remote Jobs template, to the Events like Eventbrite template (connect/follow users, messaging component, and “Apply” to an event - as opposed to register for one).

Thank you, as any guidance would be much appreciated.

thanks for your message
I guess not much has changed since my reply almost a year ago, the underlying principles of Buble’s no-code platform are same, so combining 2 or more apps into 1 might take a bit more time than expected, but it’s definitely possible.
Hope this helps

Thanks for your quick response, @levon .

Are there any resources or tutorials that you are aware of that could help with combining functionality from one template into another?

One thought/feedback/feature (with a grain of salt) for Bubble:

  • As a Bubble user, I can pull in functionality from another template into my currently installed template. Maybe charge a fixed fee for importing each piece of functionality. Or, create a universal plugin that solves the common need (based on other forum questions I’ve seen) of combining functionality from one template, into another. And charge a fee for it (I would pay for this).

For example, I LOVE the Event Like Eventbrite theme, but I need pieces of the functionality that are included in the Remote Jobs theme to add to it:

  • The ability to follow other users
  • The ability to message other users
  • The ability to “Apply” for an event (instead of only register for one)
  • The event organizer may accept or decline a user’s application

Of course, these features already exist in the Remote Jobs template. I would DIE to have the option to add these pieces of functionality to any template (specifically the social components of the Remote Jobs template into the Events like Eventbrite template).

Perhaps this could be accomplished by Bubble/Zeroqode building plugins that achieve extending features from one template into another. Again, I would pay for this. As someone who is in your core audience (e.g not technically-skilled, but design and UX/UI-skilled), maybe this could be another revenue stream for Bubble (another tier in your subscription plan… “pay $XX to add a follow/social feature to your template.”).

I feel like the ability to import features from other templates would add a ton of value to your platform. But maybe that’s just me. Either way… thank you again for building this amazing platform. I read the blog post by Emmanuel on Medium about the future of web and app development with no code - I 100% agree that in 2019 programming should speak our language instead of the opposite.

Thanks again, and let me know if any these features are on your radar, and/or if you know of any resources that might help us add the social features we need.

Thanks for the comment, and I understand your pain, unfortunately it’s not easy to build an import of features otherwise we’d done that already.
However I suggest you to take one of our courses at https://go.codefree.co/ (we will soon rebrand to Zeroqode Lab)
you can use “zeroqode” promo code at the plans page to get 20% discount on 6 months of subscription
Hope this helps

Understood, thank you. I will check out the courses you suggested.

Hi, I’m trying to create a course site that allows users to also register for webinar events as well as 1 on 1 consultations if members are wanting a more personal experience. Essentially I’d like to merge to the concept of Learny Saas for the courses, Confy for larger events/webinars, and Booky for 1 on 1 consultations. Although I realize this might be difficult I was wondering approximately how long it would take and how I’d go about it. I plan on using Learny as my main template and referring to the Booky course on your website to integrate the 1 on 1 consultation system. I’m not sure how I would go about setting up the webinar system though, any help would be appreciated!

Hey, @fg803!

Thanks for reaching out and apologies foк the slow reply!

To combine three templates into one is not the easiest way I need to say. Anyway, the time estimates depend on the bubble skills that you have and on the app structure and how you think it should be done. In this way, would be better to choose the template that is close to what you are going to build, and then step by step modify it by adding manually the other features and additional pages. I’m afraid we cannot provide you with exact steps on how to realize your idea, sorry. Anyway, please take a look at tutorial links that might be helpful in the creation process:

Hope this helps!
Best, Julia.