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Published! These Bubble Apps Were Wrapped With Air Native 📱

Hello Zeroqoders!

What are Bubble apps wrapped with Air Native like? :thinking:

Go to App Store & Google Play :point_right: Download them :point_right: Check out some of the latest projects :star_struck:
Our clients use native functionality in Bubble apps and get their apps published on App Store and Google play.

Showing Help

An application with advanced functionality for real estate agents to help them connect with colleagues and help each other.


IndianLocal is the social network to stay informed about your neighborhood in India. Local listings, making new friends, discounts from local businesses, creating private groups, and using the private chat.

Mi Everest

Do you dream of climbing Everest?
Mi Everest is a no-code app that will help you set and reach your goals.

Voodoo Daddy’s showroom

Voodoo Daddy’s showroom is the app of the hottest gig venue in Norwich. Plus gourmet handmade pizzas for take out and delivery.

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Do they still work with Google Play app submission/s on this date: February 9, 2023?

@facebook.timhenderso ,
Yes, they do :slightly_smiling_face:

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No answer is an answer. So I can make the app on this site and get it wrapped on Air Native for both IOS & Android for me to sell on Google Play and the Apple store? If yes, can you explain the process and costs? Thanks :wink:


I would be happy to provide you with more information about the costs and details of the Air Native service.

The Air Native service is designed to convert web apps into mobile/native apps. The cost for a Single Application license is 299 USD. Before making a purchase, we recommend reviewing our pre-purchase recommendations for the Air Native service, which can be found here:

Additionally, we offer the Air Native plugin, which provides additional mobile-oriented functionalities for your app. This plugin can be purchased for 10 USD/month or 29 USD once. For more information about the plugin, please visit:

If you plan to publish your app on the Apple/Google stores, you will need to purchase the Publishing add-on, which costs 499 USD.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We would be happy to help.

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