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Purchased template which uses plugins that are paid?


I purchased a Zeroqode template from you and the template leveraged a number of plugins, including these two:

Now, the plugin from Zeroqode “Top 10 plugins” no longer functions and I see the following error: “This plugin is a paid plugin. please click here to subscribe again”.

Is it true that your templates are using your own plugins, and you expect us to pay both the template cost in addition to the plugin cost?

I never saw any warning about this, and I can’t help but feel like this is a hidden cost that I would have considered before purchasing the template. It was not clear that the template cost excluded the cost of plugins necessary for it to work.

Can someone explain? Maybe I misunderstood something?


Hi @rory.fairwea, thanks for your question.

Depending on the template functionality and included features, sometimes we use our free plugins to enable a certain feature (in the case of this template this relates to the Zeroqode Toolbox, which is free).

Two of our paid plugins (Top 10 Plugins for Bubble - Bundle and Native) are added only for demonstrational purposes (as tools that possibly may be useful for further app development) and are not integrated into template setup, thus are not included in your bill and can be removed in any time.

In case the template comes with a paid plugin functionality included (for example Stripe Marketplace plugin in Ridely template), we warn our users about that in supporting documentation, available on template’s page

Hope this helps. Please let me know if there are any other questions that I can help with about our templates.