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QR & Bar Code Reader - Does not work on Chrome and Edge on iOS


When I tried to use Edge or Chrome on iOS the plug in does not bring up the camera. It only works on Safary. Any updates on this topic?


Thanks for bringing up this subject. Unfortunately, the iOS is set up to grant camera access to Safari browser only. That’s a limitation of the system that cannot be bypassed.


Ok, that’s a bummer. But I tried on Windows 10, on my laptop and using Microsoft Edge it did ask me to use the camera and I allow it, I see light of the camera but, no image on the page. Could you check that out.



Could you check any other web app via Microsoft Edge to see if it works fine there? This way we can ensure that the issue you face isn’t local.
Thank you!


The app that I’m working on is using Microsoft Edge has a test environment and I’m using various plugins from your company that are working fine with no issues, the QR Reader is the only one that is giving me a hard time on Edge.
In Chrome is working fine, it did ask me to allow the use of the camera, and after I approve it, it start working as expected.



Thank you for the context we’ll test the plugin in Microsoft Edge and come back to you with an update.


We’ve tested the QR Scanner on Microsoft Edge and everything’s working on our end. I suggest you try to test it on other computer and check your camera settings and functionality.
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