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I purchased my second copy of your qr & barcode scanner plugin for bubble, but on my iPhone 12 Pro Max with IOS14.3 it does not work properly.
Even on the old bubble app where I formerly used it, now it won’t recognise codes anymore.

Now I read that it does not work on phones with IOS14. When will this problem be solved, I have now two copies (for $70) that either don’t work.

I hope you can fix the problem soon, I am anxious waiting to use it again in my bubble apps…

Kind regards,

Dutch Animal Rescue Squad

Use this free plugin:

I also spent my money with zeroQuode QR reader plugin, worse purchase ever. This one is FREE and solved my problem. Good luck!

Hi, @c.bouwer!

Thanks for reaching out!

Yes, unfortunately, it doesn’t work properly with iOS 14+. The issue is related to the QR Code Reader Library on which, I’m afraid we cannot influence. Once the Library will be updated, QR reader will work on iOS +14. Regretfully, this couldn’t be prevented in advance, because the iOS update happens from time to time and no one knows how they will reflect the plugins or Libraries or vice versa. Apologies for the poor experience and inconvenience :pray:

Best, Julia.

It might be worth exploring alternative QR & barcode scanning options that are compatible with IOS14.3. There are many great options out there, so you might be able to find one that fits your needs.

@abbieprice196 ,

We have significantly improved the plugin code on the latest plugin version. Have you checked it yet? Now it should be working perfectly on any device/OS version:

Let us know how it goes on your side :slightly_smiling_face: