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QR Code Generator / Scanner

Trying to do something with the zeroqode QR code reader but I’m a little stuck. I’m building a loyalty style app.

  • Each consumer user has a QR code generated from a unique user’s ID – this QR code/image is working.
  • Each vendor I want to scan this user unique QR code and then add 1 to a user’s loyalty value – demonstrating that a user has visited, had their QR code scanned and been rewarded by 1 extra loyalty point. So essentially I’m finding a locating a user by their QR code and then changing a single users data/loyaly point

I have the following workflow on the scanner, but unsure if this should be a list or not, and I can’t get the “things to change” from red. I expected to add Search for user > Loyalty value Sum+1.

Can anyone help?

Hello @j.worthington

Since you’re changing the value of user’s loyalty result to +1. I believe you’ll need to make changes to the last item in user list.
Meaning each last user who’s made a transaction will receive a +1 to user loyalty value.
Add :last item in the type of thing to change.
Hope this helps.