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QR code issues, can't make it to work


i just bought your QR code scanner plugin, but can’t figure out how to make it work.
I anticipate that i already read all documentations and used demos, but still i think i’m missing something.

What i have to do:
i have different qr codes, each of them associated to a url.
I want to scan a qr code from my bubble website (in specific using phone) and go to the url associated to the qr code.

What i’ve done so far on bubble

  • I created a button, and set the workflow so that clicking on the button, the scan is activated > this works

  • I tried to scan the qr code: the systems makes a noise when i point the camera to the qrcode, so i guess that a qr code has been detected. Still, i’m not sure that the qrcode has been detected, how can i be?

  • I found out that exist a workflow “A qrcode is detected”, but how can tell the system to go to the url connected to the qrcode i’ve just scanned? And in general: Where is or where do i find the information related to the qr code (that in my case is a url)?

Hope everything is clear, but i really can’t figure out how to do it.

Thank you in advance.


Thanks for reaching out and for the detailed description of the issue.
Our Tech Team will ivestigate your issue to figure out if it is a trouble with the plugin. Also, could you please add the screenshots of the elements properties and workflow of the page where you have faced the issue? It will helps us a lot.
When there will be any info, I notify you asap.

Thank you!

Hello, @andrea.8.rossi

Please receive my apologies for the delay in reply :pray:

First of all, I need to inform you that the QR code plugin does not support an opening the URLs from QR codes . It can only decode the QR code and show you the result - a text or URL. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Second of all, yes you are right - the sound signal notifies that the QR/Bar code was successfully indicated. You may also adjust this function the way you like.

To see the result of successful QR code scanning, you need to add a field where the decoded result will be displayed.

Also, please note that the best way to scan and decode the QR code will be using the “qr_code_reader” Barcode type. And, the possibility of the successful QR code scanning is rising if the background color of your QR code is different from black/white.

I hope my reply will be helpful to you.