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QR code plugin does not scan QR codes after 1.12 major update. Reverted to 1.4 vers



I haven’t been updating the app, but when we had some users who where looking to use on IOS, I looked into updating but it no longer worked on android after updating to 1.13

I was previously on 1.4 and it was working like a charm on android. After updating to 1.13, the QR codes no longer scan. I had replaced all the elements with new ones. So I got the decoder to activate (I the camera is open looking for code), but it simply wouldn’t detect the QR code, and in the off chance that it does, it gives an incorrect value. So I had reverted to 1.4 vers and told staff to not use iPhone.

Has anyone else been successful at scanning QR codes after the major update?





So I changed the scanner from Auto to Qr Code reader and it can now detect QR codes. However, it can no longer scan consecutive QR codes unless a refresh the entire page. It also makes a repeated beeping sound after the code is detected once. For instance

  1. When button is clicked–> Start decoder
  2. Qr code detected
  3. Stop live decoder (automatic after code is detected)
  4. Repeated bp sound as if it was detected a code
  5. click button to star live decoder again
  6. Cannot detect Qr code




Hi there @ian.li033

Could please post details regarding what devices you’ve tested with, browser version, OS and screenshots of error, workflow, setup etc. So we could help you better.
Which version of plugin does work or not work on android/ios.



For sure,

What works:
Pixel XL/XL2 (any android device). Android 9 Chrome 74. Plugin vers 1.4.

Please see this video for how the setup works

What doesn’t work:
Pixel XL/XL2 (any android device). Android 9 Chrome 74. Plugin vers 1.12, 1.13 (didn’t test others)
iPhone 7 iOS 12.2 plugin vers 1.4

The setup when I tested the android devices on plugin vers 1.12 and 1.13 is identical except i changed the elements. And changed the setting on scanner plugin to scan Qr code. I have also tried adding “Stop live decoder” action to this setup when the code is detected. But it didn’t solve the problem. In vers 1.4, I didn’t need to stop live decoder to keep the plugin working.

So this setup works with the FIRST scan of the barcode. But after the first scan, it keeps beeping as if it has scanned the barcode. And if you tried to initiate another scan (pressing button to start live decoder again), it won’t scan anymore (but the camera is activated).

It will only work again if I refresh the entire page.

So for now I have reverted the entire app back to one that works with vers 1.4. But unfortunately this version doesn’t work with iOS.




Hello Ian.

Thanks for details.
We’ll check this out and be back to you asap. However it will take some due to a list of opened tickets. Thanks for understanding.


@ian.li033 Hello.

Sorry for a delay, however would you kindly add us as collaborators to your app so we could debug it. Thanks for understanding.
Add [email protected] to the app.



Hello, @ian.li033 .

If you could open access to your app and pinpoint to the page location of it so our devs could look and try to debug it or share the link of your app here.
As mentioned would be good to add us a collaborators [email protected].