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QR Code Plugin Sound on iOS


The code detection sound isn’t working on iOS, but is working beautifully on Android. What do you think?

Thank you for this most excellent plugin!


Hey Scott,
we have had this kind of feedback that the sound works erratically on ios, but couldn’t reproduce or find the cause of it.
Does it never work or it does at times?


hi Levin, it consistently never works…and it consistently works perfectly on Android. It’s the latest release of iOS.


I’ll do a little more testing and report back


some quick testing …the failing configurations circled in Blue are the ones that will matter the most for my users.



hi Scott, we’ll try to investigate this, but it might take time


Hi Scott,
we have pushed an update enabling sound on safari, so iphones should be good now, please upgrade to the plugin’s latest version, refresh the browser and retry


thank you, this is great news and we appreciate it very much! Especially the fast turnaround!


hi Levon,

I just tested it, but it is not playing the sound on Safari for me with the upgraded plugin


can you share a link where we could test it?



Hello @scott, Thank you for reaching out.

Unfortunately it’s about iOS policy. But if you try to tap on a screen before scanning - sound is playing.

You can try to add “Scan Button” to make a scan, in this scenario Sound will play on iOS (Safari), on other browsers iOS doesn’t give permission to use camera too.

Hope it helps.

Looking forward to your reply.

Regards ! Zeroqode team.


got it, appreciate the follow up