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QR Code Reader Plugin Questions


I recently purchased the QR plugin and I was hoping for some guidance with a few questions:

1.) I have been able to utilize the plugin to scan QR codes within my app, but it does not seem to work when I have the Safari UI component Hidden under the IOS appearance section in the Bubble app. Is this required to be unchecked in order for it to launch the video recorder to scan a code?

2.) When I launch the scanner and it reads a code it sometimes makes a beeping noise when it reads the code and other times it does not. Is the beeping part of the plugin and do I have anyway to control it?

3.) Lastly, I am reading QR codes with URL’s as the content. I want to load the page when the code is read. I can’t seem to figure out where to trigger this workflow to load the URL and launch the page. Any direction on this would be much appreciated.



Hey Steve, we’ll check this out, and I’ll update soon


Hi Steve

what’s the ios version on the device? The plugin officially suports only iOS 11 and above

this is set by default, the sound is triggered every time the bar/qr code is read, if sometimes you don’t hear it we’ll double check

there is no such event configured in the plugin, but we will enable it and I’ll update here when done, thanks


Hello, we have updated the plugin and added event that is triggered on scan + option to change the successful code detection sound
hope this will be helpful
to try please upgrade to the plugin’s latest version and refresh the browser


Item #1 - I am still unable to use the scanner when I select the check box to turn off the Safari UI components. I do see the red camera icon up in the UI component when it isn’t turned off.

Item # 2 - Unclear on how to use the sound feature with the update. Still doesn’t make a sound upon capture under most circumstances.

Item #3 - Resolved, but still need to understand new workflow when QR Scanner is detected.

New Item - I have the reader in a group and am unable to reset the contents. Is there a way to use a workflow to reset the contents of the scanner.



Hey Steve
for #3 - see the screenshot how to add the workflow with the successful read event

for #1,2 we will check and i’ll let you know


Steve, can you give access to the app to [email protected] and also login and password for preview if there is any?


To confirm, this action is triggered when the scanner has a value in its qr code? I have an app that may scan multiple QR codes. Therefore, after each valid scan I need a way to clear out the qr code in the reader prior to scanning another qr. I have the scanner in a group but I am unable to reset it by resetting the group. Is there a way to reset the qr scanner value without having to refresh the page?


The workflow on detect has resolved my issues with resetting the reader. So far it is solid!


great, Steve, glad it all worked out :slight_smile: