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QR Code stops unstable


Hi, Im using the QR code reader, but its kind of unstable. As shown on the video when the page loads it doesnt start the camera, I have to stop it and try again then it works. If i then make another change like login out and login into another user it stops working and I need to reload the page.


Link to video


Hello @rfuentesd

Have you checked using different browsers, phones with different cameras, under different lighting conditions?
There are lots of factors that influence the workflow of the plugin, under good lighting and quality camera the plugin works.
Here are few test cases, by other users: QR & Bar Code Reader - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Zeroqode Team.


Hi, yes I already rtied several phones, pcs and broweser… all with the same issue. If i just put the qr code reader object on screen it works perfect BUT when I add QR code to a group that hides if the user its not logged in then it takes two tries for the plugin to load, on the attached recording you can see I have two buttons, one that turns on the qr reader and another one that turns off. As soon as the pages loads if I click turn on nothing happens, I then click on turn off, then again on turn on and it works. from there it works turning on and off but the first time the pages load it takes to tries.You can see on the recording same thinf with firefox and chrome

Recodring: http://recordit.co/ObKs077xof



Tried to work with your use case and couldn’t make it done to such strange use case.
You’re hiding the group which contains the qr plugin element on page load?
Why simply not use it as it was purposely shown in our demo: https://zeroqode-demo-07.bubbleapps.io/qr-bar_code_reader ?
Replicate this scenario which is how it was intended. Because as of right now the plugin works as expected.

Zeroqode Team.


So what if I don’t want to show the QR code reader unless the user it’s logged in? It’s that such a strange use case?


No I meant that is hidden inside a group that it hides if the user it not logged in for some reason.

I added login and signup workflow to test app above and I see that when I log in or sign up and press the Start Live camera the action works. When I press Stop Live camera the action works. I see no problems with plugin load.


I think I had a similar issue. I figured the app tries to call the action before the element is fully loaded. I change the workflow so start live decoder is called (once) when the barcode reader element is visible and it seems to work ok now.

I hope this helps!