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QR Scanner throwing error

QR Scanner started throwing errors when using today. Has something changed with the app or is there a android/IOS issue with the app version?

Hi, @stevepeitler45!

Thanks for reaching out!

As far as the issue is not reproducing on our side, could you please provide a bit more details like steps to reproduce the issue, screenshots of the errors, link to the page where the plugin is set up, screenshots of the plugin settings? Any sort of the additional info would be very helpful to understand better the troubles you get. Thanks :pray:

P.S. We have not made any changes to the plugin at this time.

Best, Julia.

Hi @Julia I am getting this error

Hi, @ben!

Thanks for the screenshot, but unfortunately it is not enough to investigate the issue.
Could you please share please:

  1. steps to reproduce the issue
  2. link to the page where the plugin is set up
  3. screenshots of the plugin settings

All these details would be super helpful to understand better what’s going wrong. Thanks.

Best, Julia.