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Question about how votes work on FundStarter

Does each vote on FundStarter result in a donation from the user’s subscription fund, or am I misunderstanding the way the platform works? If my assumption is correct, how much is each vote worth in terms of dollars?

Hi @darianwilson,

Thanks for reaching out. The way our Fundstarter template works is the following: users can support or make contributions to fundraisers in two ways.The prominent way is to vote for a fundraiser. Users can give any number of votes from their voting balance to fundraisers of their choosing. The second way is to make a custom contribution which involves making a direct monetary contribution via card payments. This can be done in guest mode or as signed up user, and can be done anonymously in either cases.

Please check our docs for more information that should be helpful.


I see references in the current docs for subscriptions and voting but cannot find them in my template ordered a few days ago?

I just purchased this template and was looking forward to the subscription and voting features but it seems like it has been removed? What is the reason for this and is it possible to get the release prior to this removal if it was stable? I am really relying on this functionality and don’t want to spend the time generating it myself as it was the reason I chose the Zeroqode over some other options in the marketplace??? Please help!

Hello, @drhuggins02!
Please accept my apologies for the late reply :pray:

The subscription functionality was removed from the template a few months ago. Terribly sorry for this occasion. We will remove the outdated information from the template documentation to avoid further misunderstandings.