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Question on Stripe Marketplace Express Plugin for Bubble

Does the seller who is signing up HAVE to enter their SSN to create a Stripe account?

Which fields are required in order to create a Stripe account?

Thank you!

Hello, @nrovall
Thanks for reaching out and for your question.

Please note that using this plugin you can create different types of accounts for Stripe and each of them requires different information.

By law, Stripe must ask for your SSN to make sure you are who you say you are, and that you’re authorized to act on behalf of an entity (your PTA, organization, or business). Your SSN is for identity verification ONLY; Stripe is federally required to officially know someone connected to the account. Sometimes stripe may ask for your full SSN, other times all that is needed is the last 4 digits.

Stripe doesn’t run credit checks, so inputting your SSN for this purpose won’t affect your credit score. Your taxes won’t be affected, either, as long as you input the correct name and Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your PTA in Stripe.

On our Demo Page, we created an example of Creating an Account:

Here we need the last 4 digits of the SNN of the user.

Please check our Demo Page to clarify which fields are required for user registration:

If your user is located in a country, where is no SNN, you can leave these fields blank.

Hope it will be helpful for you.
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