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Questions about google drive plugin

Hello, I want some insight about the google drive plugin.

  1. If I have a file on my google drive and I shared the share link that is provided by Google, the plugin get that link to every file and when the file i clicked it can preview it?
  2. Does the user have to sign in in google drive to preview or download the file?
  3. Is it possible to download many files and if yes, in .zip format?
  4. You provide customer support for any paid plugin right and you can solve their problem by providing help on the forum or by accessing their app?
  5. What are the limitations of the plugin? I need to know before hand not until I buy it and use it.
  6. Can it be used for several Google Drive accounts?
  7. Can it play audio and video files?
  8. What types of files can it preview?
  9. Can I use Google Drive as AWS to store files?
  10. Buying a plugin once means I only get to pay lets say 25$ for Google drive plugin, no extra fees, right? (Just making sure)
    So what are the differences between this plugin and the AWS file uploader plugin? and the differences between Google drive plugin and google drive (service acc)?

Thank you in advance!

@kate sorry for being impatience but I want to find the right solution before I deploy my app. And either way I am purchasing a zeroqode plugin! Love your products!

Hello @markhallak

Sorry for the delayed answer on this one :pray: I’ll provide insight on the matter.

  1. Using this plugin you’ll not be able to preview the file inside the app, however, it is possible to use preview drive files using Documents Viewer - https://zeroqode.com/plugin/documents-viewer-1561648014362x414013718723923000

  2. Yes, the user should be signed in, and it is required to access the user’s drive in order to work with files.

  3. Unfortunately, the plugin does not have any possibility to download files from the drive (we’ll check this out how feasible it is to implement in future updates)

  4. We provide support to all our products including plugins via chat, forum, email.

  5. Not really sure I’ve understood the question, as the plugin does not has limitation you can check the plugin demo page and all available functionalities which can used in-app.
    Follow our documentation - https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/google-drive-plugin
    and Demo setup: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=google_drive&id=zeroqode-demo-14&tab=tabs-1

  6. The Oauth 2.0 Google Drive plugin lets the users to connect to their drive storage, so yes it is possible to let several users connect using their accounts.

  7. No, the plugin does not come with these features, unfortunately.

  8. As mentioned earlier, it is not possible to preview files via Google Drive Plugin.

  9. The plugin is designed for users to connect to their accounts so using as AWS alternative is not possible with this plugin.

  10. Yes, buying the plugin using a one-time method does not have any fees (See details on plugin pricing models: https://forum.bubble.io/t/new-feature-one-time-payment-model-for-premium-plugins/34858/1)

The regular account is just a normal Google account that your application uses. Since regular accounts require the manual authorization step (going to the browser, logging in to Google and authorizing your app), you need to do this manually the first time and then save the token. There are some examples in this page. After you save the token, your app can authorize itself without your intervention.

The service account is an account that is not associated with a user and that does not require manual authorization. You can create a service account in the Developers Console as described here. With this type of account, you use a private key file to authorize your app.

In order to understand if you like the plugin, as well as make sure it fits within your required functionality, we are providing the opportunity to demo it. We strongly encourage you to test the demo before purchase.
Also, you can subscribe to it and try - you will be charged only for the actual days used, the fee is added to the monthly bill (or yearly if the user is on a yearly plan), and the amount is prorated. If you subscribe to a plugin for one day you’ll end up being charged for this plugin fee / 31.

Hope this helps. :pray:


Hello thanks for the answers. So with google drive plugin, I can’t download files from my drive in my app, the user need to sign in with their google account to view the file.

If I use the AWS file uploader, am I able to download files in my app and without user signing in?

am I able to list the files like this?

Hello, @markhallak.

Yes, it is possible to download files (uploaded via AWS file uploader) for not signed-in users.

Yes, you can display the list of your files this way also. It requires some customization and playing around with different elements (image for “file” picture + link element for opening your file in a new tab/downloading process, etc).

I can also recommend you to check out our Data Uploading Pages, Display & Search feature Course:

Hope it will help :pray:

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thanks really for the clarification. I was just late to publish my app and I needed to know which plugin to use. Thanks again! Best customer support!

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