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Quick one - how do I add an email verification workflow


Please point me in the direction of some standard workflows to verify emails on sign-up. I currently have straight-through email sign-up (through the Uplancer template) but need something a lot more secure.

How do I also ensure more complex passwords are entered.

I’m sure this has been asked before - so I’d appreciate any links to documents/videos that may help.


Hey @IamDave, thank you for your message.

Take a look at the below article on the Bubble forum, where you could read more about how to set a Workflow to custom validate your users. In the article, the third step is about setting up email verification.

As for the function to check if the users have entered a ‘more complex password’ , here is a helpful article from the founder of Bubble - [New Feature] Password strength on inputs - Announcements - Bubble Forum

Besides that, I would recommend checking the below article and watch the tutorial where it is explained how to add the conditional for the inputs, so to determine the different levels of password strength.

Let me know if that helped and have a great rest of the day. :slight_smile:

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