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Quickbooks initial auth code exchange intended use

I would appreciate if someone could explain exactly how to use this data call. What should be passed to each field? What should you store from the response and how should that information be used?

Does this replace the need for the oauth sign in flow, or does it compliment it?

This plugin desperately needs documentation.

Hi @melchoir55, thanks for your question.

Indeed it requires a revision, so I’ve passed this question too to the developer team. Once the information will appear, we will update the supporting documentation and will let you know about that.

Thank you for understanding.


Hi @melchoir55,

Please check our demo test page setup for examples of a such workflow (downside) and see if it helps your case: zeroqode-demo-10 | Bubble Editor

In short time we will also update the plugin support documentation, to be more detailed for user convenience.

If there will be any other questions or suggestions about our plugin, please let me know.