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Quickbooks Plugin - Having trouble getting it to work



I’m not getting this plugin to work. I have some questions and maybe we can figure it out. I read the docs but there are still some things I’m wondering about.

  1. By “App ID/API Key”, what do you mean?

It is the “Client ID”?

Or App ID?

  1. Why is the same field displayed twice here?


  1. Just making sure I have the right company ID, is this the correct one?

  1. How do I know when a user returns from the oauth, do I just always look for the realmld parameter? And I guess I should just save the realmld to the user?

  2. I’m failing to get any API call to work.

Thanks for any help.


Hello @marcus

  1. The App ID/Key is the Client ID found in your QB dashboard.
  2. The fields are somewhat different, with same naming. We’ll check it out to see why is that, you’ll need to use the first field as companyid.
  3. It should be it.
  4. Yes, the additional parameter in the URI which is realmid shows that a user went through a OAuth.
  5. We’ll need to check this out. Thanks for understanding.

Zeroqode Team.



It’s been 16 days have you been able to fix that naming bug?

And have you tested if your API calls work on the demo app? I can’t connect to the demo app because I need a paid subscription to do so.


Hi, @marcus.

Sorry for little to no update, we’re working on solving plugin’s bugs.
Thanks for patience and understanding.