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Quickbooks Zeroqode Plugin - Get General Ledger

Hi, So I am trying to query a General Ledger Report from Bubble using this quickbooks plugin. I have unfortunately been unable to. I tried querying the Customer and that works.

I have tried using Get General Ledger but I am not getting any results. Can someone give me some direction on how to retrieve the General Ledger Report.


@vwigyman, hello, and thanks for reaching out.

Would you kindly verify your setup with our plugin demo editor page? There is a Get General Ledger data call is used:

In a case, if you have tried this and got any kind of error while executing this data call, can you please provide us with your plugin settings/workflow and the screenshot of the issue in the debugger, like this:

I hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:
Regards, Kate

Hi Kate,

Thanks for the help, so I am actually able to use the call. So I tried used a Repeating Group to Read in the Rows data or to attempt to rather but I only see General Ledger Columns/Headers and not Rows. I managed to read in the Columns using a repeating Group but even after tinkering I found no way of retrieving the actual data.


Also I have noticed in the demo, it says QB Pro (testing) That one has the Rows for General Ledger. Additionally, It says QB Authenticate as the Plugin and I am using Quickbooks Accounting. Should I change to Quickbook Authenticate?


Apologies, my mistake.I supposed that you are using the QB Authenticate, that’s why I provided you with the insights on this plugin :pray:

No, you can use the Quickbooks Accounting plugin.

To get the General Ledger information (Headers only), you can simply use the same plugin and its action QuickBooks - Get General Ledger. A bit more documentation of this action:

Also, I have changed a bit the Quickbooks Accounting demo page and added the data call QuickBooks - Get General Ledger into it, to show the General Ledger info (the same way it is shown in the QB Authenticate demo page). It has just the same setup, here is my test page:

In the Repeating group, it is possible to use as the Type of Content only 3 options of General Ledger - a simple one, Header and Columns, as you have noticed (using the Quickbooks Accounting plugin). And there is no Rows option, unfortunately.

I hope this info will be useful for you :pray:
Regards, Kate

Hi Kate,

As you can see from the last screen shot, there is no Get Ledger Rows Row but only Columns Column in the list. So is it that QB Accounting is lacking that feature?

Using your democode the list includes a Rows Row but I can not see any reference of that in Quickbooks Accounting. So is it safe to try Quickbooks Authenticate instead of Accounting?



No, this feature should be available if your QB account has any data to display via this call.

I have consulted with my dev colleagues regarding the Quickbooks Accounting plugin and the possibility to display the data Rows Row in it.

To be able to display the Rows Row data in your app using the Quickbooks Accounting plugin, you need to have at least 1 record (a transaction/ payment operation/ etc) in your QuickBooks account. If you have not such information, there will be nothing to display.

This is for the case if you want to display your personal General Ledger Report, that belongs to your account in QuickBooks. As long as the Quickbooks Accounting plugin is used for the personal user’s needs.

You can also use the QB Authenticate plugin and retrieve the user’s data (General Ledger Report). But, as for the QB Accounting plugin, it is needed to have at least 1 record (operation/transaction/etc) in the QB account to be able to display it in the Bubble app via Rows Row parameter.

For more details I can recommend referring to the QB Accounting documentation:


Regards, Kate

Hi @kate i clicked on the QuickBooks plug-in doc link you posted but the file is not found. Can you point me to the API documentation pls?


Hello, @gcpjohnson! Sorry for the delayed reply :pray:

Sure thing, here you go:

Hope it helps! :slightly_smiling_face: