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Range Slider - Input Pairing


I am trying to sync up the Zeroqode range slider with an input. I have it now where, if I move the slider, the input changes its initial content.

What I would like to be able to do is, if I click in the input I can change the value, which then updates the value of the range slider - moving it to its new position. Then, if I move the slider, then input goes back to the value of the slider. Essentially pairing the two inputs.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hey there @brought, our team is analyzing this issue now, I will be back of a matter ASAP.

Thank you for reaching out,


Hello there @brought, First of all, update the plugin and refresh the page, then our team prepared the demo four your case, check please the WF and Settings of each element in the Group Binding Input and Slider. To access demo click here.

Thank you,


Thanks! I will work on this today. I really appreciate the assistance.


Nice to hear it @brought,

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