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Range Slider input value

Hi there!

For the Range Slider Bubble plugin, how do I capture the input value? In the workflow it only allows me to capture the To and From fields… Thanks!


Hello, @joris.demmers. Thanks for reaching out.

That’s right. In data call action you can draw out data, which was set in your RangeSlider element. As you can see, there are only 2 variants of value - From and To.

This is caused by the chosen type of the RangeSlider element (http://prntscr.com/ru35q2).

If you set the From value here, the driven data will be the first element , chosen by the user.

If you set the To value here, the driven data will be the second element , respectfully.

Also, you can set the different kinds of formulas in the data call, to display the specific value (Examples: http://prntscr.com/ru37or; http://prntscr.com/ru3ahb).

Thus, you can capture the data of your RangeSlider element in different ways, everything depends on your current need.

I hope my reply will help you on your way.