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Range slider logic headache


This is not so much of a problem but a cry for help! We are a not for profit and people donate a sum of money to us which is split over 3 funds, hardship, housing & work and education. We want them to be able to adjust these splits using a range slider.

Here is our current site and how it works - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=771sgc-npA8

So essentially the amount donated is split into 3 range sliders each with an upper stop.

It would have been a little easier of the range slider had a property for rising or falling value to be craft something but I struggled trying to make that work.

Any suggestions?

I have seen a good example of this here - https://jsfiddle.net/anoor/8fs0Lq4a/1/ which does what I want but not sure how to tie this into the range slider.

Hi @monir,

Thanks for using our products. You have a very nice looking app!

I can tell you that this Relative Slider example can be accomplished with our plugin for sure. I’m afraid we cannot provide exact solutions with this custom implementation, but the idea is that you can simply use Bubble conditions and make these relative sliders.

In this example it is implemented a certain dependency of one slider on another one, so you’ll just need to create these condition dependencies for each range slider element to be dependent on others as well.

I hope this hint will help.


Thank you I will give this a try, if not can I hire you guys for a the implementation/exact logic?

Hi @monir,

Sure, in case you want to hire us to work on your project, we’re usually working on projects in the range of 8-12k USD to make sure we can deliver something both us and our customers can be proud of.

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