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Range Slider UX Improvements

Hi Team,

I just bought the range slider plugin. Works great but 2 things are not that great.

1 - When working with “big” numbers the min and max are showing as they should, but not the slider values, since they are centered to the slider, when approaching the edges it disappear behind the element’s limits (see screenshots below). The end result is not “publishable”.

2 - The prefix and postfix can’t be set dynamically unlike most of the options. In my case, I have the work with different currencies based on user’s IP address and the only solution I see is to set one condition per currency, but it would be muuuuch easier if I could dynamically set prefix/postfix


Many thanks in advance for your help !


Hello Thomas. @thomas.dezuanni

Thanks for reaching out and for feedback, we appreciate it.
We’ll need to check this out how feasible it’ll be to made the changes in order move forward with it.
We’ll update on the matter, asap!


Hi @thomas.dezuanni

We’ve pushed an update the plugin, with changes accordingly. Please upgrade to latest version, place a new element page, fill the required fields, refresh the application and give it try!
Thanks for patience and understanding. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Dumitru, that’s what I call outstanding service.

Won’t hesitate to go for more of your plugins.

Best regards,