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Hi I recently bought your real estate agency template in bubble, and first everything was going well, and then I realised that it had some workflow problems, and well I have fixed some of the ones that were there I was wondering if someone would be able to explain to me how to fix the others,one of them being, when you search for a property that is for sale or for rent it comes up showing that there are no properties , also how to change that automatic email that is sent across when someone has posted a property.

Thank you


Hi, @marc1

To solve the problem related to showing the property please go to the page search_page -> select the workflow “Button APPLY FILTER is clicked” -> click on Search for Propertys -> tick the “Ignore empty constraints”.

Regarding automated email, could you please show your workflow to find out how this action is designed?


Thank you for the help and yes i will send you the workflow images now

Sorry for the late reply I was not in the office


Thank you for the screenshots.

The email is sent after the registration of the user. In order to change the message you should:

  1. Select reusable page: Signup / Login Popup
  2. Open the Workflow tab
  3. Select the workflow: „Button Register/login is clicked and SingUp / Login Popup’s mode…”
  4. Select Step 2: „Send email”
  5. Change the text from the box Body