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Recorder stopped to record BUG

Hi @levon, just realized can’t record anymore. I tried on mac and ios. I updated to the latest change. Maybe easier to have the library inside Bubble? How can we prevent that in the future? I wrote the bug 7h ago on another post (and remove it).


OS and Chrome:

hey John,
did you refresh the page after upgrading the plugin? Sometimes the changes don’t initialize immediately, need to move the plugin element on the page back and forth.
it’s not possible to host the library on Bubble unless we write all code from scratch, which is hell of a work as you can imagine…

@levon as you said, removing the plugin and re install it fix this link problem. I totally forgot about this bubble bug.
It work on iOS but not in Mac (Chrome or Safari).
In Safari, when the page is loading, it freeze (have to kill Safari, called Force Quit).
It worked on Android phone.

It’s like it is configured for video?

After recording:

Hi John,
we have this in the plugin description “Works on all devices and browsers except iPhones.”
i believe this has always been the case.

Hi Levon,

It works now on all phones and computers. You can modify the description as “except iPhone with Chrome” as its work on Iphone (iOS 12 and +) with Safari. This is a marketing advantage for your plugin (the only mobile recording Bubble plugin).

Hi @levon,

As I changed 5 times my last post… not sure which one you have seen. :slight_smile:

ps: the reason that was not working under my OS was I installed in the same time a software that redirect audio… Bad timing! :sweat_smile:

Hey John, thanks a lot, updated the plugin description :slight_smile:
Glad it’s working!

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