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Redditly Bug Report - Comment Voting

There appears to be a few bugs with the Redditly template, concerning the up/down voting on comments. If I click the upvote first, it correctly adds to the total, but then I am unable to undo my upvote. If I click the downvote first, it correctly subtracts from the total. I am unable to undo my downvote, but I can change it to an upvote, but it does not correctly update the total. Is it possible that these bugs can be fixed? Thanks, ned

Hi @nedbrush,

Thanks for reaching out and reporting. Unfortunately, it seems to be an issue on our side as well. Please let our development team fix it and I’ll notify you back on this matter asap!


Hi @nedbrush,

I’m reaching out with an update. We have managed to fix this issue. Please create a brand new app based on this template so you’ll be able to use the fixed version, then give it a try again.


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