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Refreshing page


Hello - as a native app in the iOS or Play store are you able to setup a bubble action to refresh the page? Asking because Bubble suggests not using any page navigation actions when making apps. Use case would be if a loading group does not go away after initial page load.

Thank you!



@Dumitru & @levon wondering if I could get a reply from this question. Thanks in advance!


Hello Brian,
I guess you have in mind the repeating group that didn’t load in time. If that’s the case, I advice you to follow Bubble’s recommendations and set the condition not in Bubble but in the Android Studio/xCode. For example, add the “swipe down - > reload” condition.
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Thank you for the reply @olga.medvedeva - is the refresh workflow from bubble and page navigation unavailable if deployed to the appstore/playstore?


You can add pull to refresh on both platforms if you want.