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Remote Jobs Template Bugs

Hi there!

First, thank you for all you do at Zeroqode. I am interested in purchasing the Remote Jobs Template, but would first like to raise the following bugs in the hopes that they can be fixed.

  • When viewing a user’s profile, if you have already offered them a job, there should be a line of text near the “Offer [Name] a job” button saying “You already offered [Name] your [Name of job]”

  • When clicking the “Offer [Name] a job” button, if you have already offered them a job, there should be a label that says “you already offered [Name] this job” and removes the “select job” radio button

  • When viewing your profile notifications, the names under the Connection Requests list is your own name, instead of the name of the user who requested connecting with you

  • When viewing your profile notifications, clicking on a message notification under the Notifications list should link to the message itself instead of a list of all messages

  • When viewing your profile, there is no way to view or edit the jobs that you have posted under “Posted Jobs”. Perhaps linking the job in the list to the job posting?

  • Under the “Notifications” section, if someone offers you a job, clicking the notification, “[Name] has offered you a job” brings you to the user’s profile instead of the job listing. Also, the job is not listed on the user’s profile therefore there is no way to view the job that you have been offered.

  • There’s no way to upload a photo for jobs that you post to replace the image placeholder

  • After posting a new job, the page should redirect to the job listing so that you can view and edit it if you wish

  • The favorite (heart) button doesn’t work when view the Jobs -> Applied list

  • There’s no way to view a list of “favorite” users

  • “Un-favoriting” users under “My Connections” doesn’t work

  • Once a user has applied to a job, the “Apply” button changes to “Withdraw application” which undo’s the application

Thank you in advance as your assistance is much appreciated.

Hi @agilejelly Daniel
thanks for the feedback, we’ll take a look asap and will get back to you with an update on fixes.

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Thank you, @levon !

Your amazing customer service and ever-evolving platform is why I’ve decided to invest my time with confidence in learning Bubble instead of other no-code platforms.

Thank you again,

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Thanks for the kind words Daniel! :slight_smile:

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Hello @agilejelly

We pushed an update on issues and requests pointed for the Remoter template.
Please take look at the live demo and see that it works as expected.

ZQ Team.

Hi @Dumitru,

Thank you very much for following up and for addressing these requests. I will take a look!