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Remote vs Freelancer clone, payment gateway?


  • If I would like to build a website where companies can hire talents, short or long term, and talents can apply for jobs that companies post, and work remotely, something like upwork, which one of the two templets is more mature and got full functions to do that?

  • can I have all payments gateways like Payeer and Bitpay and any other payment gateway?

  • This is going to be a non profit project, and as a platform i’m not going to charge fees, so that 100% of the amount paid from employees can go to the freelancer. are there any charges applied from your end, or bobble or AWS or the payment gateway?

  • where can I adjust and set this percentage? as a platform admin, where’s my dashboard? I don’t see a demo in the template.

Hey Alex,

  1. the upwork clone would be definitely a better fit because the remote clone doesn’t have any payments between employers and freelancers
  2. you can add any additional payment gateways given that their API is a RESTful one (most of the APIs are RESTful so I wouldn’t worry)
  3. you will need to subscribe to one of Bubble’s paid plans (https://bubble.is/pricing) and payment gateways of course charge their fees too. By default our Upwork clone comes with Stripe integration which charges about 3% ± plus small fixed fee. No other recurring charges are due
  4. we have an admin page (see below a screenshot from the editor where you can manage the percentage and other things, we’ll add a admin demo login to the header soon so you can check

Thank you Ievon,

  • Would you be able to integrate BitPay and Payeer to the platform?
  • Does this clone work as a mobile app container as well?
  • Can I have a social login (LinkedIn in particular) where the user profile info in the platform can be loaded from the user profile on linkedin?
  • Would I be bale to add another template to this one at later stages, for example the Fiverr clone or the LinkedIn clone?
  • For how long after purchasing the template do you provide support?


yes, for custom development please send your project specs and details to [email protected]

no, the app container is sold separately - https://zeroqode.com/native


merging templates is possible but not very easy

our support includes general guidance about the template. In case there are bug fixes we will fix them. You will have a lifetime access to the latest template version.

by the way, we have added an “admin” button to the header, so you can preview the page and see all the features

Thanks Levon, I’ll check it out. I’m positive that this template is what I’m looking for.

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