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Removal of Zerocode banner

Hi everyone

I am struggling to remove the Zerocode banner from a web app I launched yesterday.

I have tried as directed here…

But that didn’t work as I have removed all the text from the SEO/Metatags fields and the banner still appears.

It’s really frustrating.

Screenshot showing I have done as directed.

Hellpppppp please

Hi @nickjchelm, thanks for your message.

It might be possible that you’re checking the live version of the app and this change is not deployed yet. Please deploy your app to live in order to apply this change to the live version as well.

In case the issue will persist, please let me know.


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Thank you Serg, I will try that this evening.

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It worked, thank you so much.

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@nickjchelm glad to hear that my advice helped you :hugs:

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Thanks! :pray: