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Remove PayPal Shipping Address From Subscription Plugin


Hi team,

I am using your PayPal subscription plugin. How can I remove Shipping Address? As I am selling only digital product subscriptions.



Hello there @sunil.infolayer

The Recurring Paypal uses the legacy api structure that’s why it requires a shipping address. Not possible to remove it.
Hope this helps.



Thanks @Dumitru,

Any workarounds or good practices to apply here in your experience? Because we don’t ask shipping address as that doesn’t make sense for digital only SAAS product.



Hi, @sunil.infolayer.

Haven’t encountered a use case with a workaround, guess you’ll need to leave it there but add a notification message regarding it. I believe it is optional - https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/express-checkout/digital-goods/ECDGRecurringPayments/#

Sorry for not being helpful here.


Thanks @Dumitru :slight_smile:


Hey @Dumitru,

Is it possible for you to add remove shipping option in to the plugin?


Hello @sunil.infolayer.

We’ll need to check this out, but no guaranties here since it uses a old version API.
Thanks for understanding.