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Rental Marketplace - Signup


The template has under reusable elements a “New Signup/ Login Popup” and it also has a “signup Popup” not under reusable elements (please see attachment “signup”).
The “New Signup/Login Popup” is generally used if a user wants to login or signup.
But if someone who is not signed up wants to leave a message to the host, the “signup” popup comes up and asks you to signup or login. If you fill out the signup and press the sign up button, nothing happens. I did not fix it because I do not know if there is a reason that in that case the “sign up” popup appears and not the “New Signup/Login Popup”. I do not want to destroy the workflow of the template.
Is there a reason why the “signup” popup appears instead of the “New Signup/Login Popup”, and if so how can I fix that issue? Or should I just connect the “New Signup/Login Popup” and delete the other “Signup” Popup?

Hi, Johann!

Thanks for reaching out!

The signup page appears because this is the way the template was built.

I don’t suggest you delete the signup page, because it is used 5 times on different pages:

To make it work just delete the condition Only when: Get room from page URL is not empty in the workflow of the button “Sign up”

Hope this helps!
Best, Julia.

It works!

Thank you for your help.

Hi, Johann!

Glad that it works :slightly_smiling_face: You’re always welcome.

Best, Julia.