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Rental Marketplace Template - date picker optional


On the index site is on the top the location search and date/time picker and number of guests. After you fill it out it leads you to the search site and shows the results. I took out the option “number of guests”,fixed the “issues” and everything runs like before, no problems.

What I also want to do is: making the date/time picker optional. Meaning the user can search only location or location with date/time (see attachment “timepicker”). I found a way to disable the date/time picker but the result is the following (I have in my database listings for Toronto created):

A. When the user is searching for Toronto (without picking a date), the user gets to the search site but it says there are no listings for Toronto.

B. When the user is searching for Toronto and is picking a date, the user gets to the search site and sees my listings in Toronto.

What I want is that the date picker on the index site and search site (and search mob site) is only optional. Only when the user is booking, I want that the date/time picker is mandatory.

Does anyone has an idea how to achieve that?

Hi, Johann!

Thanks for reaching out!

Thanks for adding our support e-mail in your collaboration list. I checked your application and didn’t find listings for Toronto. To achieve the described use case you need:

  1. To create objects with location Toronto in the Listings data table.
  2. In the workflow of the “Button FIND PLACES is clicked and location search’s value is not empty” you need to change the condition and replace the whole expression only when Location search’s value is not empty

In case, if the user doesn’t enter anything in the location filed you need to bring up an alert which is the Red Workflow of the same button and for this to change the condition
only when: Location search’s value is empty

  1. On the search and search-mobile page, in the Repeating Group Listings settings, you need to enable the checkbox “ignore empty constrains”

and for Location property chose radius (km/miles) you desire to do a search for. It means that the search will show all the listings within the indicated radius.

Hope this helps!
Best, Julia!

It worked.
Thank you so much. :grinning:
(Toronto: live database)

Hey, Johann!

Really glad to hear that :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! :pray:

Best, Julia.