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Repeating Group, Data-base source doesn't work in live version


Hi. I’m customizing a “Like a Thumbtack” template. I’m very new to “bubble”, so please bare with my awkward descriptions of the issue.

So my template has categories of services pre-set. I deleted some of them from the data-base because I don’t want those categories in my app.

After few other customizations (changed photos, mostly) I made the template live. When I push “review” I can see all the elements “Categories” in the UI:

The editing interface looks like this:

But when I copy the link of the live app to incognito window in Chrome, the categories field is empty:

Please help me fix this.


Hello @olga.reinholdt could you be so kind and provide me a link of your live website, and also please provide us a screenshot of you web-browser console, it seems that have to be detailed info of error which you faced.

Thank you,