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Repeating Group & Data Structure

Hello zeroqoders,

I’ve been trying to display an RG but does not seem to work. My data structure is

  1. Data Type : Category
    Data Field (Field Type) : Category Name (text)
  2. Data Type : Item
    Data Field (Field Type) : Seller (Seller), Category (Category from #1) + (name, etc)
  3. Data Type : Seller
    Data Field (Field Type) : Items (List of Items from #2), Location (geo.places) + (name, etc).

My goal is to display all items that falls under a selected Category and items that are offered by Seller whose Location is within X km of (Get location from page URL)

In Page 1, I have a Location Searchbox (set to geo. places style), as well as RG1 displaying a short list of Category . When I click random cell in RG1 I use (Display this Category in Page 2 and fetch data by Search for Categorys : first item in Page 2) and (send location data to Page 2 using URL parameters).

RG2 is set to Search for Items constrained by

  1. Category (Data Field from Data Type 2) = Page 2 Category
  2. Seller (Data Field from Data Type 2) = Search for Sellers: first item constrained by
    Location is within X km of (Get location from page URL)

The problem is :

  • The Seller Data Field under Item Data Type is singular entry and Searches can only be matched with Search for Sellers:first item. The first item operator yields only 1 result.
    e.g I have 5 sellers operating in the same Category at location Watford but only one appears in RG2.

  • My setup is

    • 1 item to match 1 seller but
    • 1 seller sells many items

I have tried 2 different approaches:

  1. Add a Data Field : Item Location (geo.places) to Data Type Item and it works wonders, except I am confused as I now have both Item Location and Seller Location, and I’m not sure how it will complicate things when I insert the input form for Seller to enter their location.

  2. Add a Data Field : Category (List of Item Categorys) to Data Type : Seller. Now I’m able to display all nearest Sellers, but unable to display the Item (name, price) that corresponds to the Seller and the selected RG1 Category.

Has anyone experienced this before? Help help :slight_smile:

Hello @aqualoop

Thank you for reaching out.

We would love to help you with your case, but unfortunately, your request is not related to our products(plugins/templates) and is beyond our support responsibilities, therefore I would highly recommend you asking advice on Bubble’s forum as the audience there is bigger and can help you out with the Bubble functionality related requests :slight_smile:

I hope for your understanding on this matter.

Have a great day.

Hey Kirill,

Understood mate, thanks for replying anyway.

Good day.