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Repeating Group to CSV can not export all data



I have install Repeating Group to CSV then try to use it

On the form the Student ID and Student Name are data link to database and Tablet_Number, Price and Amount are information I manually calculate real time on RG (Amount=Tablet_Numger * Price), plugin works fine but it only exports the data which connect to database (Student_ID and Student_Name), it does not export Tablet_Number, Price and Amount information, please tell me how to setup to export all information is displaying on RG?



Hey Long, please share also screenshots of the workflows and plugin settings. As many as possible so we really understand how you configured the plugin, thanks


Hi Levon,

Please see data shows on repeating group as picture below

But when I export to CSV bay Rezoqode plugin it only show Student_ID and Student_Name which is data from database, it does not show data which I calculate on repeating group.
(you can see picture in the next message because system does not allow me attached 2 picture in one message)





I have to ask you again to show screenshots of plugin settings, you are using workflow to download the file right? can you show the screenshot with all the settings of that workflow? also, please click on the plugin element on the page and also show the screenshots.